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Anderson School District 5:

T L Hanna High Scholl
2600 Highway 81 N, Anderson, SC 29621
Glenview Middle School
2575 Old Williamston Rd, Anderson, SC 29621



Looking for family activities?

Look into the "Y" at
201 E. Reed Rd, Anderson SC 29621


Look at Hampton Furniture WebPage
809 Whitehall Rd, Anderson SC 29625


Time for a new car

Check out Ralph Toyota
3525 Clemson Blvd, Anderson SC 29621



Looking for Lawn Maintenance?

Check out
Rockwell Plantation, Anderson SC 29621
Lee Cromer -







Board of Directors

"While each community is managed differently each offers its own distinct personality, there is a common bond that unites us all, Family Values, and we should support each other so that these values and commitment will be upheld by all of our residents."
Please send your suggestions using the form in the Contact tab.

Board of Directors.

Richard Wickersheim

Vice President

Amberly Chirolla






Nick Young
Member At-large



Tommy Gould
Member At-large

* - Please make sure your vehicle is not left parked on the street for long periods of time.  Vehicles parked on the street particularly on the curves can create hazardous conditions, especially for folks walking their dogs or kids playing.  When someone driving around the bend and a park car is there, they are force to take a wider turn.  
Let us help each other and park our cars in the driveway when possible.

Please remember to drive lawfully and carefully in our neighborhood, we have children, pets and many folks that simply love to walk.

  • Pet waste left on the street or lawn does not just go away or fertilize grass.  Bacteria found in pet waste is often washed down storm drains and into ditches.  Click here for more info.

  • NO GLASS containers are allowed by the pool area”.
    If broken glass is found by the pool areas we may need to close the pool down,
    to drain it, clean it, re-filled it and add new chemicals as per DHC regulations.

  • The "Welcome Committee" is looking for volunteers. If you are interested, please respond via email (use the Contact Us form on the Contact Tab). Someone will contact you.

  • The position of Treasurer on the Board of Directors is also open.




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